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Wiseco is unique among aftermarket piston manufacturers in the United States because it is the only brand that produces pistons strictly using the forging process. Starting with aerospace-grade aluminium, the forging process compresses the material’s molecules, increasing the density of the aluminium and aligning the grain flow of the alloy, resulting in a high-quality product that’s resistant to impact, fatigue, and has improved material properties such as ultimate strength and ductility. 

For high-performance race applications (where increased horsepower and compression can stress an engine’s components further than a standard 'stock' engine), it’s of critical importance.

Wiseco engineers utilise the latest 3D design techniques and finite element modelling software to ensure each design provides the highest strength and lightest weight for each application. Wiseco’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and in-house Dyno facility, combined with its talented group of high-performance employees and field-testing network, ensures each product they produce exceeds the expectations and demands of the motorsports industry.

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