Can't find the pistons you need?

  • We offer fast and reliable delivery on custom made JE forged piston sets
  • Minimum order only 2 or 4 pistons
  • We can supply exactly the piston you need in 4 weeks or less*

Why spend money modifying another piston to suit your engine or compromise your engine build by installing a piston you don't really want to use? A custom made piston is usually more cost-effective and more reliable. We work with engine builders and owner-drivers in the UK and abroad offering an efficient service supplying the best quality forged pistons. Check out our Case Studies to find out more.

Custom Piston Enquiries

If you have an enquiry about our custom piston service, email us your details and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, you can phone us directly to discuss on:

Pistons made from a sample or drawing


From a sample piston

Most customers supply a sample piston, along with their instructions for any changes they would like made. For example bore size, deck height, valve cut size, dish or dome volumes. You can also specify skirt or crown coatings as well as many other extra features if required. Read actual customer stories in our Case Studies section.


From drawings

If you have drawing facilities this will help, but JE will design your piston as part of the order process, so drawings are not essential.



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