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Ravenol RFS15w50 Semi Synthetic 5L Racing Engine Oil


RAVENOL USVO® RFS Racing Formel Sport 15W-50 Racing  Engine Oil is the latest fully synthetic racing engine oil from the RAVENOL stable. This new oil utilises the unique RAVENOL USVO® technology and has been specifically developed for race and rally cars operating in the most arduous conditions, including endurance events.

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Ravenol RFS15w50 Semi Synthetic 5L Racing Engine Oil

RAVENOL RFS Racing Formel Sport 15W-50 is primarily designed for motorsport and competition use in the most severe race and rally conditions. It's exceptional high temperature performance and high levels of wear protection make it especially suitable for use in older-designed engines, such as found in historic motorsport, as well as for high performance classic cars both on the road and on the track. Also suitable for modern, highly-modified track day and fast road vehicles with both turbo and non-turbocharged engines.

RAVENOL RFS Racing Formel Sport 15W-50 meets and exceeds the following requirements:


RAVENOL RFS Racing Formel Sport 15W-50 offers:
● Excellent wear protection even at the highest operating temperatures
● A very high viscosity index
● Very good cold start characteristics
● Exceptionally low friction losses due to use of Ester/PAO technology
● Natural oxidation stability
● Very low evaporation for minimum oil losses


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