Hawk Performance Fast Road Brake Compounds

Performance Ceramic (Z)

Our Advice - Best all round for road use 

This compound is designed for low dust and low noise whilst offering increased performance over an OEM compound. Featuring good initial bite performance ceramic is a great choice for all round fast road use where the driver concerned with keeping their wheels as dust free as possible and limiting brake squeak while increasing stopping power. Due to the nature of the compound you can also expect lower wear to your disks and extended brake pad life over an OEM compound.

100-650 F operating temperatures

100-450 F optimal temperature range

Manufacturer information -

Extremely quiet

Ultra-low dust

Increased stopping power

Gentle on discs

Extended pad life

Improved braking with very low dust and low noise

Hawk understands the needs of today's ceramic brake pad users and has specifically formulated our composite material to meet - and beat - the stringent low noise, ultra-low dust performance standards they have set. Engineered to reduce brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), Performance Ceramic is a premium disc brake pad that delivers excellent performance mile after mile. Providing a linear friction profile that allows your vehicle's ABS system to operate most effectively, our unique compound has the advantage of never sacrificing power to achieve traditional ceramic pad attributes. With Hawk's PC, you can expect reduced brake pad wear, longer rotor life, and our quietest ride ever.

HPS5.0 (B)

Our Advice - Predictable braking for fast road use

This compound feels much like an OEM compound initially and is an un-intrusive swap in terms of its behaviour in day to day or around town braking. Where you feel the difference is when you begin to push your car and subject it to heavy and consistent braking. Where an OEM compound would overheat and suffer brake fade meaning your car would not stop as expected, the HPS 5.0 compound will continue to provide a preditctable and assuring level of stopping power due to its high temperature range. In summary this compound is a great all rounder for the driver who is pushing their car hard on the road and will benefit from predictable and consistent pedal feel.

Manufactuer information -

Pushing the Limits of ABS

Decreased stopping distances Improved pedal feel from initial pressure through entire pedal stroke

Minimal fade under Higher Temps

High friction/torque hot or cold

Gentle on disc /rotors

Very quiet, low noise

Improved braking over OE pads

Extended pad life

For years, engine builders have been pushing motors to the limits of their ability, and at Hawk Performance, we're closer than ever to pushing the ABS Rev Limiter to its limits. High Performance Street 5.0 pads give your vehicle the greatest stopping power and pedal feel without compromising ABS. HPS 5.0 is a Ferro-Carbon compound that provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design with the braking technology of motorsports. The results are shorter stopping distances, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and street car friendly characteristics.

HP+ (N)

Our advice - Best for all-out performance and light track use

This compound is the most aggressive and performance oriented in the Hawk Street line-up. With strong bite and the widest temperature range, this pad is designed to push the limits of road use and also be capable of a few laps on the track. We would describe HP+ as a hybrid compound given its dual purpose nature and would reccommend this pad for the driver looking to get the absolute most out of their braking performance and along with the driver who participates in light track use and drives their car to the circuit without having to swap out pads for a motorsport compound once they arrive.

Manufacturer information - 

100-800°F, 38-427 °C

  High Friction Output

  Dual Purpose fast road and track day pad

  Work from cold

  Sprint, Hill Climb, track day

Hawk Performance’s HP Plus brake pad compound is ideal for Sprint, Hill Climb and Track Day drivers looking for a high-performance race compound that can take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change the pads. Extremely high coefficient of friction makes HP Plus the perfect upgrade for high-performance streetcars used in competition where no warm-up is required or that experience repetitive, heavy braking.

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