JE Ultra series Piston – The latest and greatest from JE Pistons

It’s always exciting for us when we are made aware of new technology being implemented on to the pistons that we sell and a great feeling to be able to offer customers industry-first technology to improve their engines’ performance. If you have ever struggled with how to spec your pistons, wondering which features to add and why then worry no more as JE have implemented every performance enhancing feature possible onto the Ultra series resulting in an ‘out the box’ Masterpiece.

Ultra Series pistons combine JE’s premium features and all-new, industry-first technology into an off-the-shelf piston kit! This includes aligned grain flow technology, a proprietary JE technology that aligns the grain flow in critical areas of the piston to improve strength, and several other high-end features.

Next is JE's revolutionary Perfect Skirt coating, one of the many technologically advanced aspects of the Ultra Series. It protects the piston skirts, reduces friction, while eliminating cold-start piston slap and false knock on computer-controlled engines.

All Ultra Series pistons come standard with ceramic crown coating to help reject combustion heat for durability and better exhaust scavenging characteristics.

The Ultra Series also feature thicker, premium-material wrist pins which are another, strength-boosting feature of the Ultra Series line. Combined with unique Grain Flow Optimized forging technology, the Ultra Series is ready for huge power

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