Introducing Brembo SPORT TY3 brake discs

The Cambridge Motorsport team is delighted to offer you the new Brembo SPORT TY3 brake discs – designed for enthusiasts who like to combine normal road use with sportier driving. 

A totally 'plug-and-play' part, TY3 brake discs are a direct replacement for your original equipment (OE) discs.

The new Brembo brake disc features two easily recognisable elements that distinguish it from the previous version - the use of Type3 slotting and the Brembo logo which can be clearly seen on the brake ring coupled with technical and design content which feature for the first time on a Brembo brake disc specified for road use.

TY3 slots

The Type3 slotting is the result of years of research and prototyping by the Brembo Racing Department and is reminiscent of the design of the Brembo brake discs used widely in international GT and endurance racing series such as the Le Mans 24 Hours and the WTCR World Championship.

Even when driving in the wet, the Type3 slotting offers better performance and improved safety over other discs because it disperses rainwater more quickly, thus preventing a layer of water from forming on the braking surface which could reduce the pad’s grip on the disc and significantly impact braking efficiency. 

Brembo brake discs and brake pads

The specific design of the milling on the brake ring increases friction and improves performance and brake modulation thanks to the constant regeneration of the pad’s surface which gives more responsive, consistent braking. When compared with an original equipment disc, Brembo claims the new SPORT TY3 brake disc delivers a smoother pedal feel, improved performance, stability and resistance to fading – especially when combined with the Brembo SPORT HP2/HP2000 brake pads.

Check out our extensive range of Brembo brake discs and filter by manufacturer to find a set to fit your car.

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