Low Noise, Low Dust and More Performance

The Quiet winner

No one enjoys squeaky brakes, especially those with performance cars. If your car is turning heads not because of its appearance but more because of the squeal your brakes are making when you pull up to the traffic lights - Hawk's performance ceramic compound is worth considering.

Designed with ceramic content this pad works with regular iron disks and boasts impressive levels of performance whilst offering low noise and ultra-low dust capabilities. 

Performance ceramic offers good initial bite and a linear friction profile allowing your vehicle's ABS system to operate effectively. It also features an impressively high-temperature range for a fast road compound, working up to 650F and operating from cold. This wide temperature range means instant performance and little risk of brake fade when pushing on. All things considered, we believe Hawk's Performance Ceramic to be one of the best all round brake compounds for fast road use.

Manufacturer information -

 • Extremely quiet

 • Ultra-low dust

 • Increased stopping power

 • Gentle on discs

 • Extended pad life

 • Improved braking with very low dust and low noise

Hawk understands the needs of today's ceramic brake pad users and has specifically formulated our composite material to meet - and beat - the stringent low noise, ultra-low dust performance standards they have set. Engineered to reduce brake NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness), Performance Ceramic is a premium disc brake pad that delivers excellent performance mile after mile. Providing a linear friction profile that allows your vehicle's ABS system to operate most effectively, our unique compound has the advantage of never sacrificing power to achieve traditional ceramic pad attributes. With Hawk's PC, you can expect reduced brake pad wear, longer rotor life, and our quietest ride ever.

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